Wine & Dine

Some recipe ideas that perfectly match our wines to inspire your culinary imagination.

Cabernet 2011

Our Cabernet will ideally be shared with meat puffed cigars as well as poison balls or a superb daurade accompanied with beans.
Fruity with passion fruits, it will perfectly marry fish tajin.
It will be impressive during a barbecue party. But may also be served as great companion to chicken with oranges and coriander , pistachio or even fillet with cep.
We recommend cheese with gentle savor: cantal, mimolette, tome accompanied by country bead with nuts.
Its gustative profile rich with candied fruits associates it genuinely with lamb accompanied with prunes, shoulder of lamb or lamb tajin with candied tomatoes, date or quince.
It will delight the palate of your guests during a barbecue party and surprise you with every choice of grill. It will perfectly accompany entrecote with cep.
We highly suggest enjoying it with blue cheese and nuts or raisin bread and even with pears!




Merlot 2011

Its sweetness delights the palate. And with a balanced umami flavor it will be perfectly served with grilled fish. It will sublimely marry the Japanese food, particularly sushi or sashimi.
It will also match perfectly blinis with tarama cream.
It will be superb associated with a lamb tajine or chicken with olives and candied lemon. Surprise yourselves tasting it with almond cake as well as biscuits and honey.
We recommend a plate of goat cheese and green salad with nuts olive and candied tomatoes.
With its aromatic sent and its richness in the mouth as well as its umami flavor, it will gracefully accompany all sorts of fish as salmon, red mullet, daurade, basse, grey mullet and st.piere.
It’s elegance invites you to associate it with chicken or veal breast, veal cutlet with coriander or veal escalope with soya sauce and sesame.
We recommend soft cheese such as brie and camembert with rustic bread.